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  Hefei General Special Material Equipment Co., Ltd.(HSMEC)was invested and established by Hefei General Machinery Research Institute(HGMRI) in 2005 , The Registered capital is 100 million RMB yuan, HSMEC is located at No.616 ,Penglai Road, Economic & Technological Development area, Hefei, China,more than 53,000 square meters.
  Hefei General Machinery Research Institute is...[More..]

 The company is planned to be built up in two stages. In the first stage , 18000m2 manufacture workshop with a maximum lifting capacity of 150 tons was be built up and used .In the secondstage project,20000 m2 manufacture workshop will be built up.

Address: Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, Penglai Road, No. 616  Phone:0551-3476295 3507096  Fax:0551-3507091
Sales Department  Phone:0551-3680476、5335589  Fax:0551-3507095
Copyright @ 2011 Hefei General Special Material Equipment Co., Ltd.   皖ICP備07500273號-1

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